Sweetheart Social Club: If you’ve met Marianne Rodriguez or Lisa Iacono...

  1. If you’ve met Marianne Rodriguez or Lisa Iacono you know that you absolutely fall in love instantly.

    I’ve mentioned darling Mar before. She’s the lovely artisan/designer who so kindly donated her beautiful sketches for the AVEDA Green Gala during NOLAFW. She’s talented on so many levels: she designs jewelry, clutches, and apparel, and she’s an artist. Even better however, she’s one of the most caring individuals. She works with a women’s collective in Kenya, training the women to create beautiful works from traditional fabrics.

    Lisa Iacono (the designer behind her eponymous line) recently teamed up with Tam Huynh (a 22 year industry veteran who’s produced garments for Burberry and Brooks Brothers, ahem bf….). They’ve opened NOLA Sewn, an airy Garment Factory catering to independent (and local) designers. I sat down with Lisa and Tam yesterday and felt an instant connection.

    Lisa is open and full of energy and exudes easy style. Throughout our meeting she pulled her tight curls into a slightly-sideways top knot. When she’d get excited she pull it a bit higher, until it was sitting firmly in the front of her head. She was fresh faced, and wore a Saint Claude pendant and a simple t-shirt. During the meeting I learned that Marianne would be joining Lisa next Thursday for a trunk show at Vernon, and was thrilled when Lisa asked for help with hair and make-up for the event.

    We are so amazingly lucky in New Orleans to have Lisa and Tam opening up to the young talented design community here. And Marianne, is serving soundly as our eyes and ears in NY seeking out fabrics and connections for NOLA Sewn.

    Come out to Vernon on Thursday, and you’ll be in for a treat, whether chatting with the ladies or taking home one of their pieces. 

    The festivities begin at 4, what a perfect happy hour it will be.



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