Sweetheart Social Club: An Evening Picnic and Palm Tree Dreams: The storm...

  1. An Evening Picnic and Palm Tree Dreams:

    The storm has passed and this weekend was a short return to southern simplicity.

    The Louisiana things I love bubbled up all around: a night of music at Chelsea’s Cafe with the bf (seeing My Name is John Michael), a bike ride and a river breeze, and an afternoon of vintage shopping.

    We finished the weekend with an evening picnic in the palms (those trees - something I never get over)… Dressing for a day like this couldn’t be simpler - organic cottons, flowing florals and bare feet.

    Some days it’s all so dreamy. 

    P.S. Tomorrow it’s back to business and I’m shooting for Invade NOLA’s fashion issue, can’t wait to show off the vintage ball gown maxi I’ll be wearing!

    Top (gift from Sophomore NYC), Floral Skirt (here at Threads 4 Thought), Blue Beads (Chan Luu from UAL), Turquoise Python bracelet (UAL), Peacock bracelet (F21), Floral Tote (H&M), Floral picnic blanket (Ralph Lauren), sunwear (Mabel’s by Warby Parker).



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