Sweetheart Social Club: The Sweetest Things: I’m keeping this post short...

  1. The Sweetest Things:

    I’m keeping this post short and sweet (because my goodness, this skirt speaks for itself, doesn’t it!?)

    It’s officially fashion season and here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come in quite a few ways:

    1 - The photos: so these pics are a little behind the scenes action from Monday’s invade NOLA fashion edition shoot. We shot in my backyard (or as Rachel, the lovely invade photog, requested “my natural habitat”) and btw expect lots more from my cute little yard!

    2 - The skirt: I’ve always loved a full skirt, and a vintage one makes it even sweeter, but it’s all I can think about when preparing my closet for a fall transition. Just wait until NOLAFW, it’s all I’m wearing.

    3 - The ‘hood: As of the exact day of the invade NOLA shoot, I am now a resident of the Bywater! Pre and post shoot the bf and I took a short stroll down the street for cocktails at Maurepas Foods (which is fast becoming my very, yes - very favorite NOLA restaurant).

    Top (UO - flipped backwards), Plaid Maxi Ballgown Skirt (Time Warp Boutique), sunwear (Mabel’s by Warby Parker)



    p.s. I’ll be working on the page over the next few weeks with my friends at Imaginal Marketing. In the meantime, hang with me until the new improved site is ready (!!!)!