Sweetheart Social Club: A Birthday Shout Out! So I’ve just returned from...

  1. A Birthday Shout Out!

    So I’ve just returned from a quick weekend getaway to Houston! The bf and I took off for a few days to celebrate his birthday with some of our closest friends and family.

    There’s lots more to come from the trip including an evening of the most glam apartment crashing ever, a day at the zen reflecting pool and so much beyond amazing vintage shopping! Ahem score one YSL tuxedo pant suit for this gal for less than a month’s rent.

    In the meantime, here’s what I wore on our last day celebrating with a bottle of champagne: Valentino vintage polka dot blouse and Buffalo Exchange F21 suede shorts picked up at the Houston store.

    Micah’s rocking, coolly I might add, his “330s” sunnies - aptly named for the purchase price of his first amber vision gas station shades - paired with his signature white V and a Goorin felt fedora.

    Happy birthday Micah (I must have sang it to him 17 times) love you!