Sweetheart Social Club: Meet the Proper’s. Okay, so that’s not their real...

  1. Meet the Proper’s.

    Okay, so that’s not their real names. But with full on honesty, Mr. and Mrs. Proper are the most sophisticated and worldly couple friends I have.

    Mr. Proper only, and I mean only, wears Brooks Brothers head to toe. Whether it be his suits by day or his night coat (is that what you call it?) by night. And all that, of course, is because a proper gentleman with “knuckles to neck” tattoos always wears Brooks Brothers and has a proper fade. 

    And Mrs. Proper, well she and I had a day of vintage shopping (and you should see her closet, btw) and she’s the lady that found that to die for (over and over again) YSL Tuxedo Suit for me this past weekend (pics to come I promise).

    So, in proper birthday spirit, the bf, a few friends (protecting the innocent), the Proper’s, and I celebrated over the most amazing Indian meal followed by bubbly and a night cap (or 2) back at the homestead rooftop. And with any good excursion lead by proper folks, they gave us a tour of the most glam (and uninhabited) apartment in the building.

    Mary Antoinette bedroom and Versace style fixtures galore anyone?

    on me: Floral Dress (H&M), Bud-slide Leggings (Modcloth), Tan Leather Mule (Hussein Chalayan $120 at UAL, originally Opening Ceremony exclusive for $1100, love a UAL steal!), bracelet (F21)

    on Proper Steve: Broad Cloth Night Shirt and Robe ( Brooks Brothers Sleepwear) and Oliver Peoples Eyewear.

    more via facebook, here.