Sweetheart Social Club: Bywater Bike Day: “I Shall Be Brave” Micah and I...

  1. Bywater Bike Day: “I Shall Be Brave”

    Micah and I are loving the new neighborhood in such a major way.

    We spent Sunday on our cruisers checking out every street (we’ve been living in Maurepas Foods and Satsuma and needed to at least get off the block). Every turn seems to uncover something cool. The art is everywhere.

    Here was my fave spot of the day. We stopped to photograph this “I Shall Be Brave” gal. But then, out of a garage directly behind us, all of a sudden we hear the most beautifully haunting voice singing. Practice? We had no idea but the moment was beyond divine.

    Love, love NOLA.



    Vintage Black Romper, Scarf on my head (American Apparel), Sunnies (Warby Parker), Bag (Rebecca Minkoff), my Trusty Bike Ridin’ Work Shoes (Baker).

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