Sweetheart Social Club: "Have you liked my pics today?" It seems that...

  1. "Have you liked my pics today?"

    It seems that lately in every single get together with friends there’s an Instagram moment, or an Instagram convo and this exact question inevitably comes up. 

    So, here’s a quick look at my week through my Instagram lens.  

    1 - NOLA Fashion Council A/W Vision Board

    2 - “Here’s looking at you” at the Materne brother’s birthday at Ste. Marie

    3 - 2 week countdown to NOLA Fashion Week!

    4 - Bywater bike riding: “Noir in the Neighborhood”

    5 - Satsuma breakfast brainstorming

    6 - Champagne with the ladies

    7 - Billie Holiday for a dreamy afternoon

    8 - Evening strolling by St. Louis Cathedral. FQ, NOLA

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