Sweetheart Social Club: It’s not that serious. The bf and I had a perfect...

  1. It’s not that serious.

    The bf and I had a perfect plan. We were heading out for an evening with friends celebrating the birthday of one of our favorite Baton Rouge young entrepreneurs (shout out to Brandon Williams of Claim Your Journey). The party was taking place on a riverfront rooftop, the perfect spot for evening outfit pics.

    Right before heading out we decided to play around with some features on my camera that I haven’t fully figured out yet. So here we are - at home, bottle of wine (which became Micah’s guitar?), and plenty of silliness.

    And of course, those outfit pics? Well once arriving at the party there was too much fun to be had and not a photo was snapped.



    on me: tie top polka-dot blouse (Jason Wu for Target)

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