Sweetheart Social Club: All work (and lot’s of play). As I’m sifting...

  1. All work (and lot’s of play).

    As I’m sifting through what seems to be a bajillion NOLAFW pics on my camera I came across these from Day 2 of the week. It was a full-on-every-moment-counts work day. Load-in, fittings, hair tests, make-up, workshops, rehearsals and run-throughs. And as the day pressed on I spent most of it in this outfit, and then (gratefully) threw on that gorgeous Green Goddess dress for show time.

    After the show, however, it was straight back to this outfit for a few more fittings and then (finally!) the afterparty. 

    And while these definitely were not my all day work shoes, after throwing these babies on, I felt absolutely fantastic in my peter pan collar sweatshirt and beat up sparkly shorts. In a shoe like this, it’s all work, and then most definitely play. 



    Peter Pan Collar Striped Sweat Shirt (UO), Sparkly High-Waisted Shorts (Thrifted), The Flyest Heels in My Closet (Marni), Sunnies (Warby Parker)

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