Sweetheart Social Club: Andrea Loest: Artist and Designer (and the belle...

  1. Andrea Loest: Artist and Designer (and the belle of the Fashion Week ball).

    The final show at The Saratoga was the one and only, totally originally, Andrea Loest.

    Andrea describes her designs as clothing expressing “collective knowledge: a language of signs for which fashion is the vocabulary.” And this season was my absolute favorite showing from Andrea yet. Light, fresh and airy juxtaposed against complexity and extraordinary detail.

    I loved wearing this dress (images 1 & 2) from Andrea’s F/W collection. I felt fully glamourous and uniquely special in a garment that is beautifully one of a kind.

    Lastly, images 3 - 6 are a few of my favorites of the S/S collection, perfect for channeling your inner quirky-art-school girl goes pop star.

    (And, btw I’ve got to give props to Alison Smith of Paris Parker for my curls, and Paul Eastin and the team for those stellar runway braids.)